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ALL GRANTS, LLC is a consulting and advisory firm for private companies and non-profit organizations, with vast expertise in identifying Federal & State funds and funding from private foundations. We provide in-depth advice and capacity building on compliance, organizational structure, internal controls, and procurement processes to comply with the awards’ terms & conditions and regulations.

Our goal is to provide services to develop external funding strategies and plans for our clients in the short, medium, and long term, where a portfolio of multiple funds and partnerships is designed to ensure the execution of our clients' projects and programs.

Based on the needs of the organization, our customized services include:

Creating partnerships is fundamental to strengthen proposals

ALL GRANTS has multiple resources that facilitate the creation of these

alliances for the benefit of multiple sectors.


Co-founded by Isabel C. Fernández and Agnes Salgado Brenes, ALL GRANTS, LLC and its professionals have over 25 years of combined expertise in designing projects, writing grants, and managing proposals and programs before federal agencies such as the US Department of Education, US Department of Housing, USDA Rural Development, US Department of Health, US Department of Commerce, US Small Business Administration (SBA), Economic Development Administration of the US Department of Commerce (EDA), US Department of Transportation, and the US Department of Veteran Affairs, among others.


Since its creation in 2017, ALL GRANTS, LLC has assisted in obtaining and complying with over $50 million in federal awards to Non-Governmental Organizations. The firm also facilitates the creation of alliances and partnerships for the benefit of our clients, strengthening their grant proposals and financial goals in the short and long term.

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